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Hello everyone, we are happy to announce that the initial "MVP" version of the new Westknights website is now live! This initial version only includes a minimum set of features that we needed in order to launch. Right now the primary purpose of the website is to provide an easy way to find and connect to our Discord server. (Click "Read more" to view the rest of this post)

In the coming days we will post more information about the future of including proposed features and an estimated timeline for completion. The long-term vision for the Westknights website is to be a place where Westknights members can self-organize play groups around games of their choice, and use the website to share content such as screenshots and strategy articles. We will also be considering whether to host our own games on, including but not limited to browser-based games, MUDs, or private servers.

We are excited to continue work on to mold it into a tool that will be useful for everyone and we welcome any feedback you may have regarding website improvements; please feel free to use the Contact form or to chat with us on Discord should you like!